Education / Evaluation

Level 1: Hearing & Speech Evaluation

Many patients come to us because they struggle with understanding speech both in and out of noise situations. Performing simple beep tone and basic word tests will not tell the whole story of a patient’s hearing and decoding difficulties. We take hearing testing it to another level with multiple Speech Reception Threshold and Speech Discrimination tests including third party voice, normal live voice, recorded voice, sound field, real-ear measurement, and Quick SIN testing. We use the Avant System which is top of the line technology for testing hearing and hearing devices.

The system is twofold.

First, it allows us to graphically analyze hearing aid performance based upon speech. We couple this graphic analysis with sound field testing to hone in on areas of weakness in understanding speech. By using the information gained from these tests, we can efficiently and effectively adjust current or program new hearing devices to accurately pickup sound in life situations. The Avant System takes all of the guess work out, saving everyone time, money, and frustration.

Second, we are one of a few in the State-of-Ohio who perform all these tests including signal-to-noise ratios. My evaluations examine how the brain is interpreting speech, which gives me information in how to educate my patients about what types of hearing assistance are available to them. Many of my patients tell me they've never had such a thorough hearing evaluation.

Level 2: Hearing Aid Technology

Nobody can beat our selection of hearing products. Other companies have contracts where they can only offer certain brands to patients. We have no such contracts. We have over 80 different hearing types, styles, makes, and models, and one is sure to fit the needs of the patient’s hearing and budget. We have the best technology, selection, and prices in Central Ohio.

We carry all the top hearing aid styles including:

  • Analog
  • Conventional
  • Basic digital
  • Digital
  • High end digital hearing aids

Level 3: Patient Education About Hearing

At Absolute Hearing Solutions, we feel it is important that our patients understand about hearing, hearing devices, and options that are available in today’s market. We take the time to show, explain, and educate our patients on each step. We develop a relationship with each patient because we take the time to analyze the results and explain them with our patients and their families. Once the patient understands where his/her difficulties lie, we then educate our patients about products that are available.

We take our time exploring options and are diligent in educating our clients about products, services, prices, and options.

Our patients leave satisfied that they have a better understanding of their personal hearing situation, the process, and the products that are available to make improvements to their hearing. Our patients know we welcome them to call or stop back in if they are experiencing a problem, have a question, or just need a quick touch base about something. We believe the service we provide lasts a lifetime, and we value the relationship we build with our clients. Stop in and see if we can help you learn more about your hearing journey.

Level 4: Impressive Hearing Aid Value

We have the best value in hearing aids throughout Columbus and central Ohio. Because of my experience with helping hearing professionals, audiologists, and ENT practices with their marketing and sales operations, I know that many are trapped with high overhead expenses. By utilizing my business background, we have controlled our overhead costs at Absolute Hearing Solutions, and we pass that savings on to our clients. We are not only offering the same hearing aids as everyone else in Central Ohio, but also we are offering those same hearing aids for thousands less than the others charge. The bottom line is no one can beat our quality and our prices because we have carefully and professionally managed our budget and expenses. Due to this diligence, we can pass the savings directly to our clients. Patients have not only traveled from throughout Central Ohio, but also they have traveled from Coshocton and West Virginia to experience the savings.

Hear what some clients have to say:

“My ENT quoted me $5,900 but Greg had the same hearing aids for $3,900 with better service, warranties, and financing options.” Gary from Columbus.

“I was quoted $2,800 for one hearing aid. Greg had the same hearing aid for $1,400.” Mary from Columbus.

Don’t just take their word for it, come experience the value; we know you’ll be impressed, too.