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Starkey Hearing Aids & Protection offered by Absolute Hearing Solutions - the central Ohio favorite!

starkey_150p.jpg The Starkey family of products offers a variety of models and features designed to suit your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. Celebrities like Norm Crosby, Marlee Matlin, Lou Ferringo, Arnold Palmer and Justin Osmond use and trust Starkey hearing aids!

The most complete, advanced line of hearing aids.
Starkey offers a complete line of hearing aids that are patient proven to deliver maximum performance, comfort and personalization. With a variety of technology levels and styles including the new OtoLens™, an invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid, Starkey has a hearing aid to suit your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. Absolute Hearing Solutions can help you choose the device that is right for you.


100% invisible, 100% amazing
Think hearing aids should be heard, not seen? OtoLens, Starkey’s new invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid, might just be your answer. OtoLens is the only custom fit IIC. It’s both completely invisible and packed with Starkey’s industry-leading technology, including the world’s best feedback canceller and the smartest noise reduction and speech preservation system ever developed. Talk to Absolute Hearing Solutions to find out if OtoLens is right for you.

S Series iQ™

 Introducing the iQ — changing the way people hear conversations.

Hearing comfortably in noise has been one of the biggest problems for people who wear hearing aids. The iQ is designed to hold speech volume up and push background noise down, meaning you hear more of what you want to hear, like conversations and less of what you don’t, like wind and noise. Talk to your us toout more.

S Series Features

S Series iQ offers the industry's best feedback canceller, noise reduction technology and much more.

Styles & Colors
S Series iQ offers a complete line of styles and colors designed to fit your lifestyle

Advanced Technology Made Just for Your Lifestyle
The advanced art and science behind every Starkey hearing aid is based on a simple philosophy: You deserve the very best in performance, comfort and personalization. The hearing aids of today are sleek, sophisticated pieces of equipment scientifically engineered to deliver the best hearing experience possible.

Drive Architecture™
Drive Architecture is Starkey's exciting, advanced, new technology. It uses multi-core processing, similar to the technology in today's most advanced computers, to provide three times more power than previous technologies for the best performance.

Drive Architecture takes features that were already best-in-class to an entirely new level, offering comfortable, high-resolution sound with smoother, seamless transitions between quiet and loud environments. And, the complex programs in the aid eliminate feedback, provide optimal performance in noise, enhance telephone listening and keep track of information about the hearing aid itself.

A focus on the patient experience in research and development has helped take this technology to the next level.
Voice iQ
Hearing comfortably in noise is one of the biggest problems for people who wear hearing aids. Voice iQ is designed to solve the problem by holding speech volume up while pushing background noise down.
The Perfect Fit for Your Hearing Loss and Lifestyle
This is Starkey’s hearing and lifestyle assessment that ensures your hearing aids match your hearing loss and specific listening needs. 
Simulated Sound Environments Provide a Better Fit
Today's tools for fitting hearing aids let your hearing care professional re-create listening environments right in the clinic or office setting. As aresult, you'll get a sense of how your instruments will work in real-life situations. Your hearing professional can then make the necessary adjustments to provide an outstanding listening experience.
Advanced Programming for Every Situation
Chances are you can hear the voices that are directly in front of you when in quiet situations, but have trouble when the noise level increases, like when you are in a restaurant with family and friends. The most advanced modern digital hearing aids are designed to constantly analyze the sounds of various environments and automatically select the appropriate programming mode for specific situations. InVision Directionality is a feature that ensures your device can classify and react to a wide range of environmental sounds to provide comfort and better understanding in even the noisiest situations.
No More Intrusive Background Noise and Feedback
The biggest problem hearing aid wearers experience is that annoying whistling called feedback, which can be caused by any number of things, such as hugging a loved one, having the hearing aid brushed by hair, or simply being outside on a windy day. Thanks to a breakthrough feature called PureWave Feedback Eliminator, Starkey hearing aids virtually eliminate buzzing and whistling.
Optimal Listening on the Phone
Anyone who wears hearing aids knows telephone conversations can sometimes be difficult. With Automatic Telephone Solutions, Starkey hearing aids virtually eliminate feedback while automatically adjusting for optimal communication on the telephone.
More Effective Adjustments with Data Logging
Hearing aids require adjustments for the best possible results. A feature called data logging makes it easier for a hearing care professional to fine-tune your hearing device so it suits your day-to-day environments.

Starkey hearing aids incorporate data logging to track the hearing device's performance over time. Your hearing professional can download information directly from the device to perform ongoing analysis and adjustments. In other words, the longer you use your hearing aid the better it gets.

S Series™ with Drive Architecture™



Every hearing aid in the S Series family has been designed to perform in the most challenging listening situations. Drive Architecture allows S Series to deliver maximum everything:

Three times more powerful with multi-core technology for virtually no whistling, better hearing in noise and telephone compatibility.

Comfortable, high-resolution sound with smoother, seamless transitions between quiet and loud environments. Automatically sets to situations for you.

Our individualized hearing and lifestyle assessment ensures your hearing aids match your exact hearing loss and listening needs.
Absolute Hearing Solutions will help determine the best model, style and features for your individual hearing needs.

Industry-leading Features...features vary by model
PureWave Feedback Eliminator
The most common complaint from hearing aid wearers is the annoying whistling referred to as feedback. S Series' PureWave Feedback Eliminator solves this problem and is proven to be the best feedback management system in the industry.
Acoustic Scene Analyzer
Experience maximum comfort with the clearest speech possible even in the noisiest environments with Acoustic Scene Analyzer. S Series' proprietary noise and environmental adaptation system instantly transitions your hearing aid for the greatest comfort and clarity in noise.

Starkey's new breakthrough T² technology allows you to use your cell or touch-tone phone to conveniently switch modes or adjust volume on your S Series without using additional hardware.
InVision Directionality
Chances are in quiet environments you can hear the voices in front of you, but have trouble in noisier surroundings. S Series' InVision Directionality filters out unwanted background noise to significantly improve your understanding of speech. 

This industry-leading technology recognizes and adapts smoothly to optimize different sound environments — like wind, speech, speech in noise, machine noise, etc.

Intuitive Features
Indicators designed to make it easy to use your hearing aid.
Automatic Telephone Response
Your hearing aids will automatically know when you're on the phone and adjust settings for optimal telephone listening.  

Music & Television Processing
These special memory capabilities allow your hearing aids to automatically adjust to the preset music and TV listening settings most comfortable for you. 

S Series™ 5

S Series 5 with Drive Architecture™ delivers on the promise of industry-leading technology meeting real life. Delivering performance, comfort and personalization, S Series 5 has a variety of styles and features designed to suit your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. Absolute Hearing Solutions will assist you in choosing the device that is right for you.