Hearing Tests in Gahanna, OH

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Signs You Need a Hearing Test

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a sign that you need to get your hearing checked. Anyone may experience tinnitus after exposure to very loud noises, but if the ringing continues for a long time after you heard the noise or it is not related to hearing a loud noise, you should have it checked out further.

Anyone exposed to loud noises on a regular basis should also have their hearing tested as well as those who have difficulty hearing conversations in a crowded place. Continually turning up the volume on electronics or asking people to repeat what they have said are signs of poor ear function. A test is also warranted if you have a difficult time identifying which direction sounds are coming from, if you find it exceptionally difficult to hear women and children speaking, if you're experiencing vertigo, or if you have had ear infections or issues with earwax buildup. Another indicator that you need a hearing test is if trying to follow conversations leaves you feeling tired.

Hearing Test Process

The first phase of a hearing test is an examination. During the exam, a healthcare provider will discuss any symptoms you have been having. The provider will use an otoscope to look closely at your eardrum and the passageway leading to it from your outer ear. The healthcare provider may also conduct tests using their voice to identify how extensive your hearing loss is. There are many methods of hearing testing including speech perception, pure tone audiometry, and tympanometry. Other tests include the tuning fork test, the whispered voice test, and the bone conduction test. Rest assured that if you need a hearing aid, we carry models from the top brands in the industry.

Hearing Aid Testing

Absolute Hearing Solutions is happy to offer advanced testing to our clients. Using our state-of-the-art prescription analyzer tool, we can accurately assess your hearing device. The first step in our process is live speech mapping. To complete this phase of the process, we will map the real speech of a person whom you are having trouble understanding. As the person speaks, we will measure what your current hearing aid is amplifying, and then we will reprogram it. We will also use the video otoscope to check for any problems in your eardrum or ear canal such as perforations, tumors, wax, or disease. Once we have the results of these tests, we will adjust your hearing aid as necessary, which may include replacing parts. We will also analyze how well your hearing aid is using its battery.

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