Enjoy Crystal-Clear Sound With a Digital Hearing Aid

When you visit Absolute Hearing Solutions, our audiologists may recommend a hearing device to help you better understand, process, and communicate with the world around you. Since everyone’s ears are different, there’s no one-size-fits-all hearing aid that works for every patient. After their hearing test, many of our patients choose digital hearing aids, which offer crystal-clear sound without the bulk or background noise of traditional hearing aids.

What Is a Digital Hearing Aid?

To understand the difference between traditional analog and digital hearing aids, it’s important to understand how each type of hearing device works. Analog hearing aids pick up sound via a tiny microphone before amplifying it. These hearing aids don’t discriminate between sounds you want to hear and distracting background noise; they simply make all noises louder.

Digital hearing aids, however, work more like a miniature computer. As sound enters the microphone, a tiny microprocessor digitizes and manipulates it to enhance the quality of sound delivered to your ear. It may help to think of an analog hearing aid like a vinyl record and a digital hearing aid like a digital sound recording; one offers much clearer sound without the scratching and fuzzy background noise that comes with the other.

Advantages of Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids offer many other benefits than just improved sound quality. Depending on the brand and functionality, many digital devices can be programmed by an audiologist to meet a patient’s specific hearing needs. And because that microprocessor is so smart, they can automatically adjust to filter and amplify sound in different settings. They’re also smaller and more discreet, with some completely undetectable to other people. Still, patients who choose larger models will find more stylish designs than traditional devices. With a digital hearing aid, you may feel more confident that you’re hearing clearly and correctly in social situations, on the phone, at noisy restaurants, and in every other situation.

Absolute Hearing Solutions offers competitive prices on hearing devices, including digital hearing aids. We accept all insurance policies to make clear hearing even more accessible to patients in the Columbus, OH area. Schedule a hearing evaluation with Absolute Hearing Solutions today.