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Read below for some testimonials from satisfied local central Ohio hearing aid and testing customers. We always love hearing your feedback in order to improve the experience for our clients!

Nancy Fickas from Morrow Ohio

We had a wonderful experience and my husband was fitted with hearing aids same day. Lots of time was spent with him to ensure that he was getting the right settings and fit with the right hearing aid for his needs. He's already using all the special features to be able to listen to his podcast through his hearing aids. They immediately scheduled a follow-up to make sure all is going well. We're very pleased with our time spent at absolute hearing solutions.

Valerie Dodge from Millford Center

Very nice, helpful, very patient price affordable. And I have not had a problem

Matthew Farley

Greg and team are amazing!!! The service and experience from being to end was over the top/World Class.

You're missing out if you haven't yet setup your hearing consolation with Greg. So what are you waiting for?

Tracy Walker from Canal Winchester

Very professional and thorough. Top notch customer service! Greg actually cares more about whether his clients are able to hear well and happy with the product, than what his final dollar amount will be. This is practically unheard of in today’s world. Thank you so much for the great experience.

Mary Marzluf from Whitehall

Absolute is simply the best! I would recommend them to anyone. The patience of Greg and concern shown is top rate. I called Monday and told Janice of my concerns = she got me in on Tuesday I have had additional loss but Greg spent time and effort to adjust. I attended am outdoor meeting with a dozen folks this afternoon. I was able to hear/understand everything. They reassured me my aids were clean and trouble free.

Rick Hawk from Columbus

Greg you're the best when it comes to fitting your hearing aids and adjustments are phenomenal best part I like is I don't have to keep coming back you get it right the first time

Joe Chilovich from Columbus

This was my first visit and I am/was apprehensive since I've not had hearing aids before. The visit was great. Greg was excellent in going over all my options, what one aid would provide over another, what colors available of non-canal types etc.. I would highly recommend the business and can see why they have received the accolades they have.

Pat Giles from Columbus

The site is conveniently located. Staff is polite and efficient. Facilities are comfortable. Exam was comfortable and complete. I would recommend them.

Dottie Weirich from Columbus

I've had the pleasure being with Absolute Hearing Solutions for all almost 10 years now. I have never walked out with any unanswered questions nor feeling like maybe I should of shopped around more. When ever I've gone to their office, Gregg always makes me feel not just a customer, like a long time neighbor you've just enjoyed a friendly cup of coffee while doing a little business, topped off with the best service anyone could have and advise me truthfully and honestly! Janice is a fantastic office manger/representative, she really puts you at ease, & makes sure you are truly feel comfortable!

Ron Lokhorst from Westerville

I continue to be very much grateful for the excellent service Greg has given to me over the years. And have recommended him to friends. Also the office staff/receptionist is very friendly and helpful. Thank you for continuing excellent concern and care.

James Miller from Blacklick

Over the years I have purchased two pairs of hearing aids from Absolute Hearing Solutions. On both occasions the products were suitable for my purposes, the service was excellent, and the prices were reasonable.

Absolute Hearing may not be the cheapest source for hearing aids, but in my opinion, the quality of devices, expert set-up and tuning, and follow-up services are well worth the price.

Tim Poulson from Columbus

I want to thank Greg and Janice for their help whenever I have needed it. I have had my hearing aids for about 2 1/2 years and they work great. I went in today to have the settings adjusted and it took about 15 minutes including cleaning them. I have recommended Absolute Hearing to people I know and will continue to do so. Thanks again for the great products and service.

Joe Bonacci from Blacklick

All of my appointments at Absolute have been professional and answered my questions concerns with my hearing solutions.

Raj Rana from Dublin

I am very happy with AHS’ services. Very professional, prompt and satisfactory. Greg is very knowledgeable and expert. Janice is very helpful. I would recommend Absolute Hearing to anyone looking for hearing solutions.

Frank Long from Granville

This is the second pair of Hearing Aids I have purchased from Greg. Each time he took the time to make sure he was offering me the best aids for the loss I had. This time he offered me a few choices and explained the difference between those he was showing me and never pressured me to buy any one of them. He allowed me to choose those I though fit my needs, and they were not the most expensive ones he offered. I came back here because of the great service I received after buying my first pair from him, and his prices were much cheaper than the other places I checked.

Phil Benua from Westerville

I've been a customer for almost 3 years and have always been happy with the results and overall experience. Greg and Janice are both very friendly and go out of their way to assist. There prices are better than most places in town too.

Greg Colvin from Westerville

I was having hearing problems with my hearing aids. I felt like I was never going to hear well again. Greg performed an upgrade, made a few adjustments, and I felt like he gave me back my hearing. I even had to adjust the volume down because I could hear so well! It felt so great to hear again! Thank you Greg!!

Joyce Bradford

My husband and mother both got hearing aids here. There was no pressure to purchase them. The amount of information that was shared with both of them on their hearing losses and the actual hearing aid was astounding. Followup appointments until patient was comfortable using and caring for the equipment. Greg truly cares for his patients. Prices are better than most places who sell hearing aids. Would definitely recommend anyone who thinks they have a hearing loss to check them out.

David White from Carroll

Always a pleasure to go into Absolute Hearing. Always very helpful, direct and very customer oriented. Would not go anywhere else for my hearing aids and service of them. Good prices and straight talk.

Brian Lecrone from Grove City

Greg is enormously professional and highly skilled at matching the hearing aids to the patient's needs. I have zero complaints from the many visits for tweaks and adjustments that I have had.

Rob Way from Columbus

Greg took his time in helping me with my hearing issues. He had a wide selection of hearing aids with great prices. Best of all his service is outstanding

Kenneth Morris from Ashland

Was really scared to go in but the doctor was really nice laud back and helped me hear again. I can hear sounds I haven't heard in 20 years.

Jesse Roberts from Westerville

I have been a customer of Greg's for over 12 years now. I cannot say enough good about Absolute Hearing Solutions. I highly recommend them.

Jeanne Bailey

Greg & Janice are outstanding. I love how I come in with no appointment to get my hearing aids cleaned and checked for free!!

Brian Lewis from Powell
Always do Great Job. Recently purchased Cross Aid as result of surgery. Very pleased so far.
Janet Wright from Powell

"GREAT AS USUAL! Absolute Hearing Solutions doesn't charge for any cleaning or overall checking the devices. When I am going to be in the area, I just call and see if I can stop by and have them check it out. I get new filters, blow out of the microphones, new tips. All with a very personal touch. I will never go anyplace else."

Cheryl from Gahanna

"Greg fitted me with hearing aids at my initial appointment and explained that I could use them for 30 days to see how they worked for me.  I noticed a difference immediately and have decided to keep them.  I went back twice during the first month so he could make minor adjustments and review the procedures for cleaning and maintaining the hearing aids.  I like that the aids aren't even noticeable unless you really know what you're looking for."

Janice from Burton

"The appointment was on time and Greg was excellent on the information regarding my hearing aids. I come see him about every six months to have him adjust my hearing aids."

Valeria from Westerville

"He called me on Jan. 5 to tell me my products were in, and I went the next day to pick them up.  It took only about 10 minutes for him to adjust the earpiece, and it cost me only $90.00.  I was very pleased."

"I have used Absolute for the last 4 years, and would not go to anyone else.  Greg is very professional, and he takes care not to overcharge for services.  I just visited him because my one hearing aid was broken, and my remote was not working correctly.  He ordered my a new hearing aid, no charge because it was still under warranty, and he advised me to ask for a repair on the remote because it would be cheaper than a replacement."

Janet from Powell

"Greg was very patient with me and explained everything in great detail for me to understand. I had gone to a wedding that caused my ringing to be unbearable. I didn't want to leave my home. Greg did a nice job explaining the ringing, Tinnitus, and how the aids may or may not work. Explained if they worked what results to watch for.

My husband and I were very happy when we walked out with aids in. I heard sounds I hadn't heard for years. The ringing was dulled and I felt comfortable with the aids. The entire experience from beginning to end was great. Greg and his staff are hard to beat, and the prices are THE BEST IN TOWN."

Edward from Columbus

"It went great. I didn't shop around but put my faith in the many positive reviews of this business. After two short visits Greg had fitted in a pair that are comfortable and in my price range. They work very well-I wear them all day, every day."

Edward from Columbus

"Very well. 2 short visits and Greg had me set up in aids that are reasonable priced, comfortable and working very well. I didn't shop around other than check out offerings at Costco and Sam's Club but in the end I put my trust in the many positive reviews on Angie's. It was trust well placed as I'm very happy with the service and purchase. I had a hearing evaluation about 2 years prior at an ENT MD so I knew back then I was having measurable problems. Greg's reevaluation though pretty quick, confirmed the earlier findings."

Ann from Upper Arlington

"exceptionally well, very kind & professional"

Tim from Utica

"It went very well. I am hearing better than I have ever heard before. The first time I can have a normal conversation on the phone. I just love the hearing aids that work with the i-phone. Thank you!"

Michael from Columbus

"Greg gave me a very comprehensive hearing evaluation and supplied me with charts he generated from his tests. He did not recommend any hearing aids at that time but to return in a year for another test. Greg was extremely professional and friendly. Very easy to communicate with. I was extremely satisfied with appointment."

Phyllis from Powell

"Both of us needed hearing aids, and both of us came away with the same conclusions. First, the auditory testing was superb and very specific - a far cry from the limitations of last-century tools still being used in too many places. Greg was extremely professional, and thoroughly walked us through what the testing meant, and what it indicated might be needed to improve specific areas of hearing loss. The bottom line? After due diligence research, the informed health care consumer would not hesitate to go to Absolute Hearing Solutions. The uninformed - and by then confused - impaired patient would walk out an informed health care consumer in the field. Period. What a brilliant contrast with those hucksters who prey on the frequently older, and often confused - and almost always uninformed - who trustingly throw themselves on the tender mercies of those masters of what we are selling this month. In the dark world, the marginally educated and experienced administrator tells the patient what his or her best option is, without explaining any other alternatives, or linking a unit's strengths to specific types and range of loss. Heaven help the patient who wants to know more, consider a higher level of technology, or simply have common sense questions. All those do is get in the way of selling upcharge accessories and services. At Absolute Hearing Solutions, there are not a bucket full of add-ons. The quoted price includes everything you might need. And that price, by the way is probably about $2500 less (both ears) than the opening quote from the pill-peddler's back-office profit center. Absolute Hearing is exceptionally flexible in offering you choices, with support if you should change your mind about a specific solution. Greg VanHorssen is, throughout the process, open and approachable, professional, comfortable in his skills, and entirely willing to be candid about a given solution's pros, cons, strengths, and weaknesses - and their impact on your selection and prognosis - an his patience is exemplary. It is clear throughout that his motivation is not to sell you the luxury model with whitewall tires, but to work with you to find the right solution to your hearing challenges. What a refreshing reminder of what a delight it is to work with an honest professional, and how much can be accomplished in a relationship of trust and confidence!"

"Needed hearing aids. The woods are full of providers with fake savings, high pressure selling, out-dated technology, and minimal scruples. Even when dealing with shops attached to legitimate medical practices, the process is a lot like buying used cars in 1960. The providers don't really care about specifically matching capabilities to distinct needs - they are simply intent on selling something that amplifies sound - and costs, prices, comparisons, strengths and weaknesses of the many options on the market are apparently closely-guarded trade secrets. That is definitely not the case with Greg VanHorssen of Absolute Hearing Solutions - he is a living example of what the process should be like."

Kathleen and Fred from Columbus

"Greg VanHorssen and his staff are very knowledgeable and he has an efficient and up to date office. My break in period was very short."

Ryan from Dunlap

"Extremely well. She was nervous, and they were very caring and professional. We were guessing 5000, but came in at 3300."

Michael from Columbus

"I had my hearing tested and discussed the results. Very friendly and professional."

Geoff from Columbus

"Extremely efficient and professional, did an excellent hearing test, identified problems, recommended solutions and helped me make the most cost effective choice."

Wendy from New Albany

"They were helpful, professional, prompt and very pleasant"

Michael from Dublin

"Everything is wonderful when I visit this company."

"I take all of my Starkey hearing aid work to this firm. There are two Starkey's in Columbus, Ohio. I made the mistake of purchasing my originals from another operation. They charged me for every service from cleaning my aids upgrades. Not so with my Gahanna, Ohio firm. These folks are courteous and meet all my needs at a more than reasonable price."

David from Dublin

"The phone appointment was friendly and courteous. The appointment and tests were conducted by Greg. His knowledge and professionalism made the experience GREAT! He explained everything in detail... cleaning, battery replacement and etc. Made my wife very comfortable and at ease. My main goal was to improve her hearing and therefor her quality of life... mission accomplished."

Janet from Powell
"Great, got me in right on time for my appointment. Really nice and down to earth. I tell everybody about him and his staff."
Chuck from Granville

"I only had a few minute wait once I arrived to see Greg. While waiting Janice took my aids in and cleaned them and replaced two filters. Once with Greg we adjusted my aids for better performance do to my additional hearing loss. Greg, as always, was professional and took time to be sure he understood my new needs and to make to proper adjustments to my aids. It is always pleasure to work with someone that understands your needs and responds accordingly. I have recommended Absolute Hearing to several friends and three or four have become customers as well."

Clyde from Columbus

I'm so glad we waited to purchase hearing aids. Greg has the same high quality hearing aids for less money and better guarantees and customer service.

Mack from Gahanna

"I am quite satisfied with everything. They were excellent. The professionalism of the testing and the quality of the hearing aids stood out to me."

Richard from Reynoldsburg

"Sometime in March I went for hearing tests. He suggested what I needed and took casts of both my ears. A week later my new hearing aids were ready. The price was $4,000.00. I tried them for a week. The aid in my right ear fell out a couple of times and he adjusted it somehow. I received a two month supply of batteries and have had no problems since."

Verda from Columbus

"Very pleased. Needed a hearing aid and walked out with one."


"I had been struggling with other hearing instruments with continuing discomfort and frustration. I couldn't hear my own voice properly, and dialog had become increasingly difficult. My new Radius RIC provides me with greatly improved natural sound. It is so comfortable I almost forget I am wearing it."

Chuck from Gahanna

"I was given a through hearing exam which included several different tests to determine the degree of my hearing loss. I had previous tests at other locations and found the tests given here to be slightly more complete. After the testing I was able to view the results on a big screen tv that showed "normal" hearing range and were my hearing was for each ear. I was fitted with hearing aids that were connected to the computer and they were adjusted to correct the loss in 12 ranges for each ear. If I had no loss there was no correction made for that frequency. The end result was, with the corrected hearing, I was able to hear normally again. The price quoted was more then $1,000 less then I had been quoted for the same hearing aid at another dealer. A few weeks after I purchased them I, stupidly, wore them into the shower. I took them back and the were returned to the factory and repaired at no charge. When this happened I did not have to wait for an appointment. I was asked to come right in so that I would not have to be without the hearing aids any longer then needed. They were sent back overnight shipping. I had them back in 5 days, again at no cost to me. Also I receive three years worth of free batteries for these hearing aids. Since then I have gone back because one of the aids seemed to have lower volume then the other. It was just a little dirt that was cleaned out and it was fine again, also no charge. I believe I received great service at a great price"

Jack and Judy from Columbus

"He had various hearing aids, but discussed one as the best. I tried it, and with the aid of the computer he refined it so it worked best for me. He has a policy, where after you get the hearing aid, you wear it for a few weeks and can return if  you don't like it. He also has you come back for fine tuning. I purchased that hearing aid. As I was leaving the country before that test period, he agreed to do the refinement before I left, and again when I returned six months later. After two weeks with the hearing aid, I knew that I did not want to return it. These extra visits were covered in the cost of the hearing aid. He also gives you batteries and parts for the hearing aid. As I would be away for six months, he gave me extra batteries and replacement parts just in case I ran out while away. He responded to e-mail questions I had, and spend the time with me that I needed during each visit to get my questions answered and to get the hearing aid to work as best possible. The hearing aid, price, and service was excellent, much better than what I experienced elsewhere in Columbus."

Judi from Reynoldsburg

"Greg is always wiling to help us when something is wrong with my mother's hearing aids.  He wants to make the customer happy"

"Mother came in to be fitted for new hearing aids as her old hearing aids were whistling all the time.  Was very happy with the service we received.  Greg explained everything to us.  We have been back several times since then to get adjustments made at no charge."

John from Johnstown

It was the best hearing evaluation ever! It was so informative and cutting edge. The feedback and barrel free hearing aid had me convinced.

William from Gahanna

"Very impressed with the amount of time spent testing my hearing and time spent with me in explaining everything. End result was a very good set of hearing aids which I am very pleased with. Price was great. Have a sister and brother-in-law who both wear hearing aids and when I told them about my experience, they could not believe it. They were also surprised at the low price. I also checked on line and the price for my hearing aids was slightly lower than what I could find on the internet plus I have the great service that Greg has been providing. Highly recommend this company."

Robert from New Albany

"Went in for hearing test. He conducted hearing test and indicated I had trouble hearing certain low ranges. He discussed several alternatives to solving the problem but came to the conclusion that hearing aids probably did not make sense at this stage. He was very professional and did not try to push selling an unneeded product. I also had ear wax in both ears. He removed the wax in one ear but was unable to remove the wax in another ear. He recommended I go to a walk in clinic at Krogers as a low cost alternative. If my hearing deteriorates further I would definitely use him."

Lee from Columbus

"I arrived for appointment a little early, and was seen right away.  About 30 minutes later, I was walking out with my new hearing aids and a follow up appointment to make sure everything was working well.  Subsequent visit was pleasant as well.  Greg does everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with the product and his service level."

"I arrived for appointment a little early, and was seen right away.  About 30 minutes later, I was walking out with my new hearing aids and a follow up appointment to make sure everything was working well.  Subsequent visit was pleasant as well.  Greg does everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with the product and his service level."

Stephan from Gahanna

"I went there because I found them in Angie's List, and after reviewing their website and calling the office, I learned that their prices were significantly lower than anywhere else in Columbus.  I already had hearing tests and quotes from 2 other Columbus audiologists, but I thought their prices were just way too high. I ended up buying a top of the line state-of-the-art set of hearing aids and saved over $2000 by  buying from Absolute Hearing Solutions. Note that the hearing aids were the exact same model and manufacturer offered by one of the other audiologists I visited.  The loss and damage warranty is a year better than the others were offering (3 years instead of 2), there is no deductible for the first year (others wanted $250), and only $99 deductible for subsequent years. The services also includes lifetime free adjustments and check-ups and free or extremely low-priced batteries."

Neil from Gahanna

"It went great. I waited about 2 1/2 months before submitting a report as I wanted to make sure everything was Ok and the service they provided was great.After putting the new hearing aids in, the whistle my wife used to hear with the old hearing aids went away immediately.

We purchased digital hearing aids and the nice thing about them is if they were lost or stolen they save the most recent settings and can immediately dial in what worked best for my wife if a replacement pair is needed. We also know exactly what the replacement cost would be if one were lost (after our 3 year warranty expires for loss or damage). She has the ability to adjust the hearing in either ear independently because of the remote control that came with the unit.Greg VanHorssen was very patient and took all the time we needed explaining the use and care of the hearing aids so we were comfortable with their operation before we left his office. They fit the very first time (which was rare for my wife).

One of the best things was the price. We were in the process of changing health care providers and had the option of either using Blue Cross / Blue Shield or Aetna to obtain a discount. We found out that if we wanted to take advantage of either health care providers discount that it would have actually ended up costing us a lot more that what we were originally quoted. Greg informed us that his he checks prices of different hearing aid providers (manufacturer of hearing aids) and his competition and sets a good price up front so folks do not have to do a lot of shopping around and feel they were not taken advantage of on price. We were truly pleased with the price we paid compared to other so called discount programs. Did I mention there is a lifetime warranty on fitting and adjustments?"

Margaret from Columbus

"This appointment was a follow-up to three previous appointments during which I had purchased hearing aids. When I first went to Greg I had already purchased hearing aids from another company and I was trying them out on a 30-day trial period. After talking to Greg I decided to return the first pair and purchase them from Greg at a much cheaper price. I didn't realize at first that he is not an audiologist but he is a licensed provider of hearing aids. I have had excellent service from him, and I am pleased with the hearing aids. The situation has been complicated a bit by the fact that I've had some trouble hearing out of my left ear because of allergies/infection.

My last hearing test was performed more than 6 months previously, so I called and asked for another hearing test to be sure I really needed hearing aids. His secretary checked with him and called back to say that he could perform the hearing test if I came to my next appointment an hour earlier than originally scheduled. I agreed. The day of the appointment the weather was very bad and the new time was close to rush-hour, so I allowed myself double the time it usually takes to get there (over an hour). In spite of my efforts I was 20 minutes late, and he had apparently scheduled people every half hour, so the next people came in 10 minutes. He claimed he did not know I was to have a hearing test, and he was upset with me for being late. I was upset that my time was rescheduled to rush hour when he wasn't planning on spending any extra time with me anyway.

He did do the test, and I am satisfied. Just poor communication in that instance. Generally I have been extremely pleased with his services. I especially like the fact that the adjustments he does to the hearing aids are recorded on his computer screen so I can see what he is doing."

Julian from Gahanna

"Greg was very knowledgeable, patient, professional. His price was very good. I learned a lot about my problem."

Vanessa from Gahanna

"My father was in a skilled rehab center when I contacted Absolute Hearing Solutions.  My father was unable to walk so Greg came to the facility to fit my dad with the two hearing aids.  He gave us complete instructions and told us to contact him with any questions.After a week or so, Greg contacted us to say that he was coming out to see another patient in the center and he wanted to check on my dad's hearing aids.  Unfortunately at the time, my father was back in the hospital.  We had absolutely NO problems or hassles with this company, which is very rare these days.  I would recommend this company to everyone."

Robert from Renynoldsburg

"ABSOLUTE HEARING SOLUTIONS Provided hearing test and sold hearing aids to fix my hearing problem. Has continued to provide excellent service since purchase. Highly recommended!"

Thomas from Gahanna

"Greg is outstanding. There was no pressure involved and he was able to show you on a big screen display what the hearing loss was and, with the hearing aids in place, what changes were occurring. The hearing aid I purchased from Greg cost $1000 less than my previous purchase from a different local audiologist (the exact same model). Greg is personable and extremely knowledgeable plus he provides a great service at a bargain price. I recommend Absolute Hearing Solutions and Greg VanHorssen without reservation."

"I have had a hearing aid in my left ear for over 2 years which was sold to me by another local company. After 2 years of frustration in not getting the expected improvement, I came across the web site for Absolute Hearing Solutions and Greg VanHorssen. Since it mentioned that Greg had the best and most detailed hearing tests using problem solving equipment I decided to go in for a consult. I was most pleased with his thorough testing and ability to show me on a big screen what the problems were. He totally reprogrammed my hearing aid. Because of the testing results and his ability to demonstrate what improvement could be made by adding a hearing aid to my right ear, I decided to purchase one (with a free 30 day trial to ensure I was happy with the results)."

Harry from Pickerington

"went very smoothly."

Phill from Upper Arlington

"All went well. He gives great service at a fair price."

Barbara from Columbus

"Professional office a bit hard to find but worth the effort.  Appointment on time, never felt rushed or pressured.  While hearing aids are just plain expensive I was provided with alternative methods of payments.  Provider spent time reviewing test results and answered all my questions.  Received my hearing aids immediately along with written instruction and verbal guidance on how to appropriately use, clean and store them.  Good overall experience.  Felt I was treated as a person not just a client.  Thanks."

John from Galena

"Greg VanHorssen, the owner of Absolute Hearing Solutions, had carefully tested me a couple of years earlier. He still had my graphs on his computer, so he could quickly re-test me and see the decline, particularly in my cherry-bomb-damaged left ear. As I observed years earlier, Greg is very diligent with his testing. His attention to my problems was intense. In the course of trying to alleviate my problems, he answered several e-mails and met with me three times to adjust the hearing aids.

Unfortunately, probably because the damage to my left ear is so severe, Greg could not alleviate the distortion I experienced in the left ear from the Starkey hearing aids. I finally decided that because this distortion was so annoying, I would not regularly wear the hearing aids. For this reason, I was unwilling to make the monetary investment. I sadly notified Greg of this conclusion and asked for the refund of my deposit. Not only did Greg refund my $50 deposit, he actually credited my account an additional $100 because I had referred him to another patient!

I can see why Absolute Hearing Solutions is so highly recommended by Angie's List! I can attest that Greg's prices are super competitive -- even when you compare them to the price of hearing aids that are sold on the internet (without an exam)! And I cannot say enough for Greg's service ... or his willingness to work long and hard to meet the needs of his patients. Highly recommended!"

Erik from Grove City

"Everything went well.  I did sometimes feel a little rushed with this audiologist.  Somehow, I feel like he is constantly worried about his next patient and not solely focused on me.  However, he did perform the fitting and tuning of both of my hearing aids to my satisfaction.  He also set up a follow up appointment with me to make sure I am satisfied with these devices.  After all these are rather expensive investments and it stands to reason that I want them working optimally."

Amy from Dublin

"At no charge to me, the owner thoroughly evaluated my hearing, spending a good amount of time with each ear. He showed me graphs and explained the areas of loss and how it compared to the norm. He tried some sample hearing devices on me and again, spent time evaluating whether or not they would be effective in providing improvement to my hearing.

Unfortunately for me, again, the devices themselves were more troublesome than to off-set the small-medium loss of certain sounds, so I did not purchase any product. That said, hearing aids are very expensive and few, if any, insurance policies cover the cost. They can be high maintenance items, so be sure you are getting substantial benefit if you do purchase."

Adeline from Gahanna

"I made an appointment for my Mother for assessment and hearing aids.  Greg was great, he was kind, patient and efficient.  She is hearing so much better with the hearing aids.  She did not like the way they fit into her ears so he is now working with her to improve the fit."

Stephen from Reynoldsburg

"Fine, they tested her hearing gave a her a couple of choices and delivered the finished hearing aids promptly."

Brenda from Galloway

"I got a call six days after my testing, the new hearing aids were in. That was a day early from when I was to get them. I went in and they did the set up for the new hearing aids. Again everything was explained to me in easy to understand terms. Then Absolute Hearing Solution set up an appointment for one week later. Adjustments on settings were made. Another appointment was set up for two weeks later for final adjustments to suit my liking. The same hearing aids cost me $300 less for each ear as was quoted from the hearing aid provider that did such a poor job. Plus with the hearing aids I had ordered, Absolute Hearing provided me with three years of free batteries. I would and will absolutely recommend Absolute Hearing Solutions to anyone needing hearing aids. Everything exceeded my expectation"

Peter from Gahanna

"I called Absolute Hearing Solutions as I needed my hearing aids checked which I had purchased from a different provider whom I did not trust.  They got me in within a very short period of time; Greg checked my aids and did a hearing test. He modified the programming on them to increase the volume  which I needed.  He did this at no charge.  That's simply amazing.  Absolute Hearing Solutions is now my provider of choice.  All around excellent experience."

Carl from Powell

"Complete and thorough hearing examination as well as fitting and programming for hearing aids.  I can hear much, much better now."

Suzanne from Howard

"I have had a very good experience with them and what stood out to me about them was the thoroughness of their representative.  He covered everything including my problems and took care of things right away.  I checked with three other suppliers and this company had by far the lowest fee and all of the goodies including the ones that I hoped that I talked with.  I have worn hearing aids for the last ten years and they have really made a lot of changes and improvements since then and they gave me everything even down to the point of remotes where I can tune my hearing aids with.  He gave me a thing that I can put on my television that I watch most of time right to the hearing aids which is wonderful.  Everything I have had and found with them has been wonderful and every inclusion or occasion I have had to call them about anything has been promptly taken care of.  They really take the time to explain everything to me and I am a hundred percent satisfied.  They are outstanding and were so much more concerned, thorough and listened to all my concerns.  I have checked with two other people and they have also got the same results from this company.  I have and would recommend them to others."

Michael from Westerville

"We will definitely return for any hearing aid problems she may have in the future.  High recommend"

"Greg was very warm and welcoming.  He was prompt for my Mothers appointment, and listened to her problem.  She didn't feel rushed in any way.  He cleaned her hearing aids, checked her ears, and explained what was wrong and how she could take care of them at home."

Tami from Gahanna

"Hearing test and new hearing aids. Very professional."

Awards & Affiliations

Voted #1 Hearing center in Columbus, OH from 2017-2023

2024 Consumer Choice Award
Angie's List 2013 Super Service Award
Angie's List Super Service Award 2014
2015 Angie's list Super Service Award
Angie's list Super Service Award 2016
2017 Angie's list Super Service Award
Angie's List 2018 Super Service Award
Angie's List 2019 Super Service Award
Angie's List 2020 Super Service Award
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