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Hearing Aid Evaluation

At Absolute Hearing Solutions, we offer excellent hearing aid evaluation technology, product selections, and pricing options for the central Ohio community. We are committed to our four levels of evaluation, education, products, and services for our patients.

Level 1: Hearing & Speech Evaluation

Many patients come to us because they struggle with understanding speech. Simple beep tones and basic word tests are usually not enough to diagnose and decode a patient’s hearing issues.

We utilize the top-of-the-line Avant System technology for testing hearing and hearing devices. We also offer multiple Speech Reception Threshold and Speech Discrimination tests including third party voice, normal live voice, recorded voice, sound field, real-ear measurement, and Quick SIN testing.

The benefits that our testing and evaluation techniques provide are two-fold. First, they allow us to graphically analyze hearing aid performance based upon speech. We couple this visual analysis with sound field testing to hone in on areas of weakness. By using the information gained from these tests, we can efficiently and effectively adjust current or program new hearing devices to accurately pickup sound in everyday life situations.

Secondly, we are one of the only companies in the state of Ohio to offer signal-to-noise ratio evaluations. These evaluations allow us to examine how the brain interprets speech, which gives us the information necessary to educate our patients about the types of hearing assistance that are appropriate for particular issues.

Level 2: Hearing Aid Technology

In certain cases, companies are contractually obligated to only offer specific brands to their patients. Fortunately, we are under no such contracts. This allows us to offer over 80 different hearing aid types, styles, makes, and models, ensuring that you will find an option that fits your hearing needs, as well as your budget.

  • Analog
  • Conventional
  • Basic digital
  • Digital
  • High end digital hearing aids

Level 3: Patient Education About Hearing

At Absolute Hearing Solutions, we feel it is important that our patients have basic knowledge of the hearing process, hearing devices, and the options that are available in today’s market. We will take the time to explain and educate you on each step of the process, hearing aid terminology, and your results. We will help you explore and choose all of the options that are available, including products, services, as well as pricing options. We welcome you to call or come in if you experience any subsequent issues, if you have any questions, or you just need to touch base.

Level 4: Impressive Hearing Aid Value

We offer one of the best values in hearing aid options throughout the Columbus and central Ohio areas. Because of our experience in helping hearing professionals, audiologists, and ENT practices with their marketing and sales operations, we have come to realize that a great deal of them are trapped with high overhead expenses. By utilizing our business knowledge and background, we have figured out how to control these costs and pass these savings on to our clients.

This allows us to provide the same hearing aids as everyone else in the area at more affordable rates. In fact, we have had patients who have traveled from different areas throughout central Ohio and even as far as Coshocton and West Virginia to experience these savings.

Awards & Affiliations

Voted #1 Hearing center in Columbus, OH from 2017-2023

2024 Consumer Choice Award
Angie's List 2013 Super Service Award
Angie's List Super Service Award 2014
2015 Angie's list Super Service Award
Angie's list Super Service Award 2016
2017 Angie's list Super Service Award
Angie's List 2018 Super Service Award
Angie's List 2019 Super Service Award
Angie's List 2020 Super Service Award
Angi Super Service Award 2021
Angi Super Service Award 2022
Angi Super Service Award 2023
Better Business Bureau
Buckeye Cruise for Cancer
out n about Columbus
The Dispatch: CBUS Top Pick 2016
#1 The Dispatch: CBUS Top Pick 2017
#1 The Dispatch: CBUS Top Pick 2018
#1 The Dispatch: CBUS Top Picks 2019
#1 The Dispatch: CBUS Top Picks 2020
#1 The Dispatch: CBUS Top Pick 2021
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